Create a complete scene with the theme "Discovery". You can interpret this theme very widely. The scene can be about any kind of Discovery, both concrete or more abstract. As long as the theme can be clearly indicated in the picture. The final product should be a still render, so no animation.

- The contest starts on September 8th, and ends on December 8th, 13.00u (GMT+1).- The largest portion of the render should be created in Cinema 4D. Other applications may be used to create certain assets, but this should not be the bulk of the work. Correction in Photoshop is also allowed. The jury will monitor this.
- Everything should be home-made, except for textures.
- You are not allowed to use previously made work, everything should be created for this challenge.
- The final render should be 800x800 pixels minimum and 1920x1280 maximum.
- You can join the challenge by creating your own WIP thread. This can be done over here.
- You should post a minimum of 3 WIP's. We recommend posting as many WIP's as possible to keep the whole contest transparent and interesting. The more WIP's, the more feedback you'll get, also from the judges.
- Finals should be posted in the FINALS topic, including a wireframe render.
- Remote hosting of images is not allowed, all images should be uploaded via the attachment function.
- Winners are asked to upload their scene, so the jury can confirm that the work has been done in Cinema 4D.
- You are allowed to send in multiple finals. These should be of totally different scenes, so not a new angle or a slightly different scene. You can only win one prize though, so we recommend you focus all your hard work on one great render. Should you create two or more finals, please create a seperate WIP topic per project.
- In case of discussion/unclarity, the judges have the final verdict.
- The judges are: Rich_Art, roobol en Marijn.

There are several prizes:

1st place: Cinema 4D R11.5 Core + 100$ c4dcreations discount coupon + 1 year c4dcreations XL Club membership + Shaderpack texturemaat (70 Shaders)
2nd place: Dpit EFFEX plugin + 60$ c4dcreations dicount coupon
3th place: SurfaceSpread plugin + 30$ c4dcreations discount coupon
Encouragement prize: Car Tutorial + F/A-18 Hornet Tutorial pack

And of course there is the everlasting honor of having your render on the frontpage of C4DLounge.

Good luck and have fun! Questions regarding the rules may be posted in this topic.


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