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be competitive in WTF sanctioned events:World Taekwondo Federation Competition RulesContestant Uniform and Protective Equipment1) The contestant shall wear the trunk protector, head protector, groin guard, forearm guards, shin guards, gloves and a mouthpiece before entering the contest area.2) The groin guard, forearm guards and shin guards shall be worn beneath the Taekwondo uniform. The contestant shall bring this WTF-approved protective equipment, as well as gloves and the mouthpiece, for his/her personal use. Wearing any item on the head other than the head protector shall not be permitted.Source: http://wtforg.cafe24.com/wtf_eng/site/rule...tition.html#4If you have visited Martial Arts Supplies Sites, you may have seen the amazing choices when shopping for Sparring Gear.Choices & The way to cut through the clutterYou might believe optimum protection is the only factor when searching for sparring nike tn requin
Ну, тебе видать башку тупую отбили даже в защите, раз такой высер на 3д форуме постишь...
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