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Dear Users, here you find all installers and installer files for the new free update 1.2.5.
we hope you enjoy this update.

please note that it IS NOT allowed to distribute copies of those installers in anyway. all have to download the files directly from here please. in downloading from any other location might risk getting illegal or modified versions that might put your system in danger.


if you cant unzip the zip files, you might have an too old unzipping tool or not fully downloaded(try again then), we recommend using winrar on pcs, osx has inbuilt tools included.

Dear users please note, due to internal holidays, we will be able to provide support, help for new features, problems and installation only starting on monday next week(30th august), i will be away from today evening until Monday! still i did not want to hold back the version from you, guess some want to play on their weekends or on last holiday days:-) if you have some problems, please stay calm, and wait for my help on monday:-)

Please do read the included pdf files!

we hope you like this new release, have fun with it.

best greetings
VRAYforC4D team
& Stefan

Change Log

VRAYforC4D Version 1.25

* Speed up Vray Materials previews
* Improved Displacement calculation
* Updated GI presets
* Improved Light Mesh code with better precisions and support for instancing and mograph cloning
* Improved Sun light control in Physical sky, you can now use only the physical sky illumination without a physical sun. Good for overcast skies or for separating sky and sun to have independent control over both
* Area light now can have bitmap and shader textures now (also rectangular area lights, good to built natural studio lights, light boxes etc)
* Lights now can use shaders instead of light color. You need texture scalings rather big (ca 100-500x)
* Normal export rewritten, also added extra support for objects with negative flipped axis by vray core.(Mirrored objects with setting axis to -1 will not result on artefacts anymore, no need to use the axis reset tool anymore)
* Shadow color now can be changed in physical Sun light (please note that only black is physical correct though)
* Shadows now can be textured by use of procedual shaders. You need texture scalings rather big (ca 100-500x)
* All C4D Lights can have now physical emitter values, they use a approximations as if they would be very small area emitters (watt, lumen, etc), for 100% precise Photometric Lights use only Area light though, as in reality are only Area light.
* Material Weight maps now can be used to limit or multilayer Displacement

New Features
* Added newest Vray core 1.90.03
* Added true dispersion in Refraction Layer
* Added option to set exit colors on reflection channels
* Added option to set exit colors on refraction channel
* Added option to show AA samples, this is good to canalize and improve an AA solutions
* Added GI option to limit ray distance, can give speedups (speed up strongly depends on scene)
* Added material option to limit reflection by a certain depth (in real world units), with fading control
* Added option in overwrite material to set a per object based reflection environment (similar to the global reflection environment)
* Added material option to force materials/objects to be calculated by brute force, even though irradiance map is used in vray gi options. Enables use of brute force per material or objects that use that material (good for detailed interesting for animations too)
* Added translucency texture in BDRF SSS under Refraction channel of the Vray Materials (and much better and faster Volume Fog and SSS effects) as per user request.
* Added Compensate exposure option in Luminosity Layer, it will make an auto exposure of the luminance color/texture, a multiplier of 1 will then be always for any physical camera exposure if this option is checked. Useful for easy and fast use of luminance textures/effects.
* Added option to set custom multipliers for diffuse light emissision (default = 1x)
* Added option to set custom multiplier for specular light contributions (independent to light intensity, default =1x)
* Added new LC option to set ray depth og light cache calculation. (default =100)
* Added option to use environment fog for BRDF SSS calculation
* Added vray dirt material into diffuse and luminance channel, good for dirt effects and for fast AO.
* Added option to mix inverted vray dirt material to achieve multilayer effect of surface dirt
* Added ability to set c4d lights color, even if a vray tag was added (color will be transferred to the vray tag in that case)
* Added emit on Back Side parameter in Luminance layer of the Vray Materials
* Added new emitter parameter in Volume refraction
* Added option to auto connect AA threshold to DMC threshold (recommended to use in most situations)
* Added option to enable/disable shadow casting of the atmosphere in physical sky
* Added show calculation phase for caustics
* Added Vray Fur Tag, with procedual fur/grass/short hair/carpets solution, it generates special dynamic geometry on the fly during rendering for anything where you need fast and simple hairs or fibers. Detailed controls by textures or shaders
* Added vray Volume environment fog, in Vray environment settings. Can be used with any object as „gizmo“, density, color scattering, falloff can be controlled with native c4d 3d shaders (noises). very detailed control by textures and shaders, optimized for GI use. Good to make fog, ground fog, clouds, mist, smoke and other volumetric effects. Note that GI is also volumetric in this release, light truly scatters through the atmosphere volume (no fake scattering)
* Added new LC option to set ray depth og light cache calculation. (default =100)
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это из 2.0, вопросы к Владо, я даже мануал еще не доделал smile.gif

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